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Our mission is to promote love in the world
one full heart moment at a time.

We do this by providing a safe, inviting online platform for
sharing the good in life, the moments in life that fill your
heart with love.  We call these “full heart moments.”

We are asking people to help support our mission to
promote love by signing up (it’s free) and sharing
their full heart moments.

Let’s show people that the light of love still shines
brightly through the fog of negativity that exists     
in the world today; that there is still a lot of good
in the world; that people are being touched by
the power of love every day.

Together, we can make a positive difference.

Our Story

Tony and Nina Stringer

At the age of 17, Nina met her soul mate Anthony, who was 20 at the time. They fell in love and three years later got married. After a few years of marriage, they started a family.

Over time, Anthony lost his way in life. Eventually, the wounds to their once bright marriage became so deep that Nina had no choice but to move on and repair her life. Nina divorced Anthony after 12 years of marriage. Their young family was shattered.

The divorce emotionally crushed Anthony. He eventually was diagnosed with severe depression. It was at this pivotal moment in his life that Anthony surrendered to the power of God's love. Love lifted Anthony from the depths of despair and depression, and eventually transformed his life. In a tremendous act of love, Nina forgave Anthony. They remarried each other and regained their family.

Anthony and Nina’s personal journey inspired them to form Full Heart Moments as a way to support, inspire and uplift people through the power of love. They do this by offering a safe, inviting online platform where you can share your full heart moments. By signing up, you also receive access to positive, uplifting articles designed to help bring more love into your life.


Love is a powerful universal force. Love heals, forgives, inspires, motivates, encourages, and uplifts every heart it touches. Love cannot be corrupted nor can it be stolen or taken away. Love is forever.

There is powerful energy behind love. We believe that every full heart moment contains this energy. When you experience a full heart moment, you feel this energy inside you. It warms your heart. But, the real power behind a full heart moment is in the sharing of it. When you share a full heart moment, you release this loving, positive energy into the world, which touches every heart in its path.

Our goal is to have everyone share at least one full heart moment a week. Think about it. If we can get thousands and thousands of people doing this, we will make a real difference in the lives and world around us through the power of love. Thanks!

Love, Anthony and Nina Stringer