• Kathryn posted an update

    Today I had a very pleasant surprise. I have a shelf in my library devoted to children’s books in which I have a weakness. I found myself looking through these books quite by accident. I came across two books that I had quite forgotten about. These books were a birthday present at some point in time from my sister and her family. I know this…[Read more]

  • Anthony Stringer posted an update

    When my family goes out to eat, my 14 year old son has a knack for finding the most expensive item on the menu. It’s really a talent. Last night, my family had dinner at a seafood place in Florida (we’re on vacation). We all are looking at the menu when my son asked, What does “Market$” mean? To which I responded, it means you can’t order…[Read more]

  • kstringer posted an update

    This weekend my husband and I went out to have a nice dinner with two of our best friends for my birthday. As many of you know I’m battling cancer and with that comes the dreaded loss of hair. For a woman that can be devastating! I was frustrated with trying to figure out whether I should wear my wig or a scarf or what. I couldn’t wear my usual…[Read more]

  • Jim Sprenger posted an update

    regardless of it’s source (insurance company advert)…I find this video to be ”close” to what it’s all about!

    • Jim Sprenger replied

      ”believe in good”

    • This video embodies the essence of Full Heart Moments. The man in the video walks in love. He gives love (true, unconditional love) to others. By giving love, he receives love on a deep level. This is truly the good in life. Thanks for sharing Jim.

    • Shannon Hlavaty replied

      This video is great! Made me smile : )

  • Anthony Stringer posted an update

    A close friend of mine was in a cafe in Barcelona, Spain yesterday. She saw this piece of paper affixed to a door. She thought of Full Heart Moments and sent it to me. Thanks Karen!!

  • Sunshine posted an update

    While I was out and about the other day, I saw a sign that caught my eye. The message made me think of full heart moments so I took a picture of it to share with the community.

  • kstringer posted an update

    Cancer really sucks A$$ but it has opened my eyes to what’s important in life. To not take one day or one important person for granted and who really is here for me. It has strengthened my relationship with many and with others; well they are missing out on seeing me kick it’s A$$! Much love to all my supporters!!!

    • On behalf of the Full Heart Moments community, you and your family have our prayers and support. Stay strong. Stay positive. And, keep loving!

    • kstringer replied

      Thank you for the support!!

    • Aimee Switzer replied

      You are in my thoughts and prayers!

    • Kathryn replied

      It is so wonderful to hear the strong, positive attitude you have in dealing with such adversity. It is also great to hear you have such loving friends and family who give you strength and comfort. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day! Although there has not been more comments added here, I am sure the FHM community have you in their…[Read more]

    • Nina replied

      The poem below came to mind as a read your post- it is one of my favorite poems. May faith continue to be your guide.

      Don’t Quit!

      When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,

      When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill,

      When the funds are low and the debts are high,

      And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,

      When care is…[Read more]

    • kstringer replied

      Thank you everyone for your comments and support! It means a great deal to me. I love that poem Nina!

    • madi1234 replied

      I will pray for you. Prayer is a very powerful thing! Sounds like Cancer picked on the wrong person! I hope you knock it out!

  • Dan posted an update

    Here’s a full heart moment that I will never forget . . .

    While attending John Carroll University many years ago, Father Hughes was lecturing our class on the subject of aesthetics, the study of what constitutes beauty in paintings, literature, music and all works considered art.

    As young students, we all agreed that beauty is to be found in…[Read more]

    • As we grow old, our physical bodies change. Grey hair sets in. Wrinkles begin to multiply. Body parts begin to sag. Our eye sight and hearing diminish. But, the unconditional love we share with a loved one never ages. Unlike our physical bodies, our unconditional love strengthens with time and becomes more beautiful with each passing…[Read more]

  • Anthony Stringer posted an update

    I recently came across an article called ”Responding to Emotional Crisis” by Debbie White. There was a piece of insight in the article that I wanted to share with the community: ”A caring friend or family member may in fact, be more effective support than a professional in times of emotional overwhelm. You have a relationship with the person and…[Read more]

  • KevinM posted an update

    One of my customers, a nun from NJ, was diagnosed with a lung tumor just a few months after having a major bypass surgery. I shared with her my family’s story of hope when I lost my job 2 months after building our new home. We put it into God’s hands and truly did NOT worry. We had to fight, but with no income, no money, and only 3 days to pay…[Read more]

    • Thanks for sharing this beautiful story of God’s healing love. It’s amazing what a difference we can make in the lives of others by simply sharing the love we experience in our own lives. This is one of the cornerstone principles of the Full Heart Moments community.

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